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EthosConnect consists of two core offerings:

  1. An NPM package that makes it easy to connect a wallet to your web-based dApp on Sui as well as wallet-less users through email (social login coming soon).

  2. A RESTful API that allows you to create wallets and sign transactions for users from a non-web environment (e.g. mobile, unity, a server, etc)

The EthosConnect NPM package

The EthosConnect NPM package is currently available for React (example app & npm package) and Vue (example app & npm package)

With EthosConnect you don't have to worry about which wallets can connect with your dApp. Any wallet that implements the Sui Wallet Standard will be able to connect to your dApp and when someone developers a new wallet that implements the Wallet Standard it will be able to connect to your dApp with no changes on your part.

And when you are ready you can enable email wallets, which allow wallet-less users to connect to your dApp through their email (social login coming soon) with no extra effort on your part (email wallets look identical to all other wallets from the dApp's perspective).


Follow the step-by-step guide to installing the library.

Example app with code

View the code base for an example app using Ethos.

EthosConnect API reference

Leverage the APIs to give your users a tailored experience.

Theme options

Match the EthosConnect flow with the theme of your app.

The EthosConnect RESTful API

Already have the interface covered? Check out EthosConnect REST API, an OpenAPI 3.0 compliant REST API that lets you create new wallets for your customers and use them to sign data in your applications. You control the experience!

Contact Ethos Support to get set up and start using the REST API!

REST API reference

Use our new REST API and let Ethos take care of the wallet creation and data signing.

Have feedback on Ethos? Join our Discord or Send us a note.